• Hearth,  Simple Living

    Finding Innisfree

    It’s been years since I first read the Lake Isle of Innisfree poem, and I loved it from the start. I was in a very different place in my life then, at home with my parents, just starting off in the tech world. As much as Innisfree sounded like a place I wanted to be, I didn’t spend too much time thinking of how I could get there.

  • Hearth,  Permaculture

    Can TV Inspire Homesteading & Self Sufficiency?

    When Mr BirdCat and I got married in the beginning of 2018, neither of us expected to live the life we are living now! I was definitely in a more homesteady mindset than he — but even then, my thoughts wouldn’t land me where we are now. Growing up I had plenty of opportunity for gardening and farming, and while I liked the idea of it, I usually preferred to stay inside and work on websites or the like. It’s still a work in progress for me to knock back my natural tendencies wanting to stay holed up inside, but there’s been leaps and bounds made so far, and each…