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    The Veggie Patch

    Despite dabbling with veggies over the last couple of years, it wasn’t until starting our 6m x 6m veggie patch in the beginning of February 2020 (getting on to the end of summer here) that I felt like a real gardener and homesteader. Stay tuned for a post on how we started our veggie patch, but over the past few months we’ve gone from this: To this: The original idea was to have five rotating beds, with them moving along each Spring to help with nutrients and pests. In order, the original five beds were: Fabaceae (Beans, peas), also was planning on putting onions and garlic here?? Have since learned…

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    To Fix a Paddock – Part 1

    Our property here backs onto half an acre of land owned by the local roads jurisdiction, and has been fenced and used by Mr BirdCat’s family for the past twenty years. As long as we maintain it, and don’t plant any trees or permanent structures, we can use it. This is a fantastic benefit! Though the property we are on is an acre and a half itself, Mr BirdCat and I really only have access to a quarter of an acre. By backing onto the paddock, it extends our land to the point where we can manage our own livestock beyond chickens. Just one problem — it has sat out…

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    Life’s Too Short for Cranky Cows

    Especially ones with horns… When Mr BirdCat and I just happened to be looking for a milk cow and we saw the ad, it seemed too good to be true! A young dexter cow with a calf at foot and another on the way — all for a reasonable price! Within a couple of weeks we loaded up a trailer and started a new chapter in our homestead adventure. And what an adventure it has been! The cow we named Gala (apparently Greek for Milk), and the steer calf at foot was dubbed Mort (which may be a mistake naming him…but seemed a bit better than Mr BirdCat’s idea of…