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From the Ground Up

After over a year of rough pregnancy and recovery, Innisfree homestead looks far different from the picturesque vision of our dreams. Little Miss E is five months old now. That entire time I’ve spent less than five hours in the garden, and it shows. Weeds smother. Fences lean. Bits of garbage blow and scatter. It’s a dismal sight, giving me “animal farm-esque” feelings when I stop to look at it all…

Just a couple of weeds…

So that’s where we start. Completely from the bottom now, somewhat backwards from where we were even when we first moved onto the property with a clean slate, but with consistent work it can only go up from here. My gardening time now needs to fit around nap times, but the goal is to get outside into the yard every day — even if it’s no more than taking some photos, it’ll help bring things back into focus.

Bee home and food forest with the new chook house in the background

The rising costs of fruits and vegetables has brought the need for a vegetable garden to a much higher priority than I was expecting to have at this time — especially with Miss E starting solids in the very near future. She’ll grow up knowing where her food comes from and being able to help pick the night’s dinner from a few steps away from the door. Following the Permaculture route, we’re moving our vegetable garden to a new space — in front of the washing machine and “solar clothes dryer” sheds, and eventual greenhouse. That way I can’t help but be in the veggie patch every day and easily see what needs to be done. We’ll also be building the vegetable beds up to help with the boundary between path and bed so we don’t get the confusing blurred mess that became of the original veggie patch.

Eventual placement of the new veggie patch with “solar clothes dryer” and washing machine shed in the background

The original vegetable patch will be changed into an outdoor living space, complete with fire-pit and outdoor kitchen (with plans for a rocket stove!), and surrounded by the food forest garden space. That will all come in time however, as we’re focusing more on our immediate “zone 0” of finishing our house renovations. A kitchen sink, and a finished bedroom for Miss E being a great place to start!

I’m looking forward to the many hard hours of work ahead, eager to see what can be accomplished, but understanding that it may not all happen in the time I’d like it to with a baby added into the mix. Bit by bit our little piece of paradise will grow, and I hope you enjoy following along as I document the journey 🌿

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