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    Seven Tips for a Debt-Free Homestead

    This past week has been one of looking at finances, playing with spreadsheets, and exploring budget options, which has led me to reflect on our journey to a debt-free homestead and what things I might say to someone looking to follow the same path. None of this is ground-breaking news to anyone, but I hope it could help even just one person with one little aspect on their journey too. Each step brought to you by a Milo photo as our pup doesn’t get nearly enough screen time here as he deserves ❤️ 1. Pay off Existing Debt as Soon as You Can Feels a bit funny to say that…

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    A Year in Review 2020-2021

    And just like that, a year has traveled by. My last post was nearly to the day one year ago, and it’s amazing the amount of things that have happened in our lives since. It marked about the time when I started working from home building websites, meaning to be just part time on the side, but as those things tend to do, it demanded ever more. The garden lapsed. Our meals became quicker, less nutritious. My health continued to plummet into the ground, and stress in the household was at an all-time high. It simply wasn’t worth it, and by the end of November I quit. It was such…

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    To Fix a Paddock – Part 1

    Our property here backs onto half an acre of land owned by the local roads jurisdiction, and has been fenced and used by Mr BirdCat’s family for the past twenty years. As long as we maintain it, and don’t plant any trees or permanent structures, we can use it. This is a fantastic benefit! Though the property we are on is an acre and a half itself, Mr BirdCat and I really only have access to a quarter of an acre. By backing onto the paddock, it extends our land to the point where we can manage our own livestock beyond chickens. Just one problem — it has sat out…