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    Lambs on the Homestead

    We never expected to get sheep. Mr BirdCat would say now and then that he wouldn’t mind if we got one as a lawn mower, but that’s about as far as it went. This week, we welcomed two East Friesian ewes home after a three hour drive with them inside the back of our car…. We knew from the start that we’d like a dairy animal, and figured that a cow would fit the bill nicely. The city council here doesn’t allow goats, and we didn’t even consider sheep. It wasn’t until we had problems with our dairy cow, and asked around about the best ways to fix our half…

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    To Fix a Paddock – Part 1

    Our property here backs onto half an acre of land owned by the local roads jurisdiction, and has been fenced and used by Mr BirdCat’s family for the past twenty years. As long as we maintain it, and don’t plant any trees or permanent structures, we can use it. This is a fantastic benefit! Though the property we are on is an acre and a half itself, Mr BirdCat and I really only have access to a quarter of an acre. By backing onto the paddock, it extends our land to the point where we can manage our own livestock beyond chickens. Just one problem — it has sat out…