Hi there! I’m Mrs BirdCat, and together with my husband Mr BirdCat, we’re living out a quiet peaceful life in a little town called Warrnambool in Australia. We find the more we go back to the land, the happier and more at home we feel. We’re two twenty-somethings, and as neither of us has grown up on a farm, we don’t have a whole lot of experience to back us…but we learn by doing, and each day brings new lessons!

Milo, our Murray River Curly Coated Retriever

The property itself is actually owned and shared by Mr BirdCat’s parents, who live and keep the rest of the land. We are so thankful we’ve been given a quarter of an acre, and have access to another half acre of land owned by the local roads jurisdiction. This isn’t a large amount of area as farms go, but learning how to best fit everything in is fun puzzle to tackle.

We have quite a menagerie here with two cats (a Maine Coon and Russian Blue, indoors with their own outside run to protect the native wildlife), a Murray River Curly Coated Retriever dog, seven chickens, and two East Friesian dairy sheep.

Oh, did I mention we live in a tiny house too? A little cabin style house, the like of which you may see in a holiday home park. That’s two cats (one far bigger than normal), a dog, and two people fitting into 19.5 square metres (or 209 square feet)! We absolutely love it, it allows us to not have a mortgage which is massive, and we can make it our own. The next step is to add an extension, which will seem massive to us, but still be quite tiny compared to a typical house!

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and life here at our little Innisfree Homestead.