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    Pregnant & Overwhelmed on the Homestead

    About two months ago I was at the end of myself and decided to reach out to the folks on the Permies forum which I figured might have a better idea of what I was going through with managing pregnancy and a Permaculture homestead at the same time. This line that I wrote sums it all up quite well: “I really want this homesteading and permaculture thing to work, but just so overwhelmed at the moment with the amount of things to do.” I left the post feeling even more disheartened having everything written out, but it couldn’t have been a better thing for me to do. The amount of…

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    Seven Tips for a Debt-Free Homestead

    This past week has been one of looking at finances, playing with spreadsheets, and exploring budget options, which has led me to reflect on our journey to a debt-free homestead and what things I might say to someone looking to follow the same path. None of this is ground-breaking news to anyone, but I hope it could help even just one person with one little aspect on their journey too. Each step brought to you by a Milo photo as our pup doesn’t get nearly enough screen time here as he deserves ❤️ 1. Pay off Existing Debt as Soon as You Can Feels a bit funny to say that…

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    Finding Innisfree

    It’s been years since I first read the Lake Isle of Innisfree poem, and I loved it from the start. I was in a very different place in my life then, at home with my parents, just starting off in the tech world. As much as Innisfree sounded like a place I wanted to be, I didn’t spend too much time thinking of how I could get there.

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    A Permaculture Pregnancy

    Fresh out of my PDC (Permaculture Design Course), and seven months pregnant, it’s no wonder these two subjects have been taking up my thoughts. When we think of Permaculture, it’s typically in the realms of gardening, land management, and the household. I’ve been curious about applying it to pregnancy as well, and the easiest way for me to do that is to go back to the twelve Permaculture Principles. Principle 1: Observe and interact It’s no surprise that pregnancy changes your body in all sorts of ways. I’ve had quite a rough time of it with most of the symptoms coming my way, but despite the aches and pains, and…